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The Benefits of Corporate Tax Planning

Why we developed this service.

Paying taxes is an inescapable part of running a successful business. We want to ensure our clients are paying only what they are required to pay. In our experience, most businesses aren't making the most of tax deductions and other benefits available to them. Our goal is to arrange your financial affairs to minimise your tax payments.

Constant changes in legislation, as well as changes in your personal circumstances, provide opportunities to review and optimise your tax structure. Restructuring your affairs can often lead to paying less tax.

The objective of this service is to review your current situation, identify any potential tax issues that need to be addressed, and determine if opportunities exist to legitimately reduce your tax payments.

Who should undertake a Tax Review?

  • Are you a scaling and growing Limited Company?

  • Are you eligible to pay Corporation Tax on you business’ success?

  • Have you had changes in your personal circumstances?

  • Do you feel that too much of your hard earned income goes on paying tax?

  • Do you wonder if there are additional asset protection strategies and tax benefits you could utilise?

  • Are you keen to discover opportunities to legitimately reduce your tax liability?

If you haven't reviewed your tax recently, we recommend this service to determine whether there are potential tax saving opportunities.

What is involved?

If you're not already a client of ours, we'll ask you to send us a copy of your most recent financial reports. If you are a current client, we'll already have these on file to review. After reviewing your reports and identifying potential tax saving opportunities, we'll meet with you to discuss our findings.

Why you should act now?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently announced that Corporation Tax will increase from 19% to 25% in April 2023; but he also unveils 130% ‘super-deduction’ tax break that unlocks an extra 20 billion of investment each year.

When should I use this service?

We recommend you get in touch as soon as possible to ensure you're maximising all tax saving opportunities available to you. The longer you leave it, the more tax you'll be paying.

Contact us at to discuss our Tax Review service. Once you are signed up with L CHARLES ACCOUNTING LIMITED you have direct access to our experts and FREE advice – this adds significant value to our fixed fee/ subscription service. Find out more today!

Letha Charles – Founder & Director

L Charles Accounting Limited

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